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Welcome to my diary. I write a short account of the happenings in my garden every month. It is quite amazing how year on year the seasons change, which makes our weather so interesting - you can never predict what is going to be growing at any particular time.


Julia’s Diary


Nerines are flourishing in front gardens around the town, but I have some in a pot that never do very much.  I put them in a pot rather than the ground so I could move them around into the sun to get baked which apparently they relish.  Now I have opened up the area behind the pond I shall plant them up there and hopefully they will do better.

I have been moving my cacti from outside on the kitchen windowsill to the conservatory.  As I move them I realise just how much some of them have grown through the summer.  I’ve replaced them with some alpines which I think will appreciate being out of any wet weather.  The succulent in the photo below I purchased this year so was pleased when it produced 3 beautiful flowers that opened every afternoon for about a week.

The tomatoes are gone from the greenhouse, ate the last 3 this week.  The staging is back ready to over winter the pelargoniums,  begonias and the larger cacti.  I shall leave some of the pelargoniums outside as they survived well last winter.

Below are some photos of some of my indoor plants.  You may think they are rather odd but I like them.  They came from a well known, large supermarket and cost just a few pounds each.  The Adenium (desert rose) and the one with the long grass-like leaves I have had for nearly a year now, the Ficus (I think) for a few months.  They are really easy to care for and look good  in my kitchen.  The only trouble with plants bought from such sources is that they rarely have decent labels.  If anyone knows the name of the “grassy one” please let me know.

I mentioned last month about our horse chestnut tree sprouting again after it was reduced greatly in height, the new leaves are still bright green.  Will they remain so for the winter?  Now the leaves are falling everywhere we do not have the great mass of large horse chestnut leaves that covered the garden from it in other years.  We also took the top off the Cordyline so will not have to gather up so many of its long strap-like leaves that fall whenever there is windy weather.  Why don’t people clear them up from their gardens?  I have seen some front gardens littered with their leaves which have obviously fallen many months before, messy!  The branches were fascinating to see inside, just a mass of fibres unlike the usual hard xylem inside most tree branches.

I suppose we really need some rain, my camellias and azaleas look in need of a good soaking but I have enjoyed the warm, for the time of year, and mostly sunny weather of the last month.  

                             Happy gardening     Julia