Leigh on Sea Horticultural Society Privacy Policy

Prepared July 2018

Date due for review July 2019

  1. 1.General Statement

Leigh on Sea Horticultural Society (the Society) will collect, store and use your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection legislation.

The Society acts in a capacity as Data Controller.

This privacy notice explains how we will act.

We will use your personal information for the purposes you provide it.

  1. 1.What personal information will we collect and how will it be used?

The following personal information will be collected from new members when they join the Society –

  1. 1.Name, first, last and title

  2. 2.Address

  3. 3.Email address, if applicable

  4. 4.Telephone number

This information will be used to send you the Society’s Newsletter on a quarterly basis, by post or email at your choice.

This information will also be used for general membership enquiries, for example, to contact you if you leave an item of lost property or to enquire if you wish to renew your membership

In addition, if a member chooses to book any of the day coach trips or holiday, the following personal information will be collected –

  1. Age – to identify if any discounts to entry fees would be applicable

  2. Bank details to enable payments and refunds

In addition, if a member chooses to book any of the day coach trips or holiday, the following non personal information will be collected –

  1. Membership details  including Membership No. and Expiry Date regarding any relevant Society or group – to determine if any reduced entrance fees should be paid to venues to be visited. For example, but not limited to, the Royal Horticultural Society, the National Trust and English Heritage.

  1. 1.How will your personal information be stored?

Your details will be held securely in paper or electronic format by Officers of the Society that require access to your information for Membership purposes and to arrange coach outings or holidays.

  1. 1.Who will we share your personal information with?

Your personal details will not be shared with any third party, without your permission. The Society does not envisage any occasions when this will become necessary.

Your non personal information will be shared with venues to be visited, in an anonymised manner i.e. A number will be given to the venue of the number of LHS members that are members of the Society or Group that own/manage that venue.

  1. 1.How long will we retain your personal information?

Your personal information will be retained whilst you remain a member of the Society and for one year from non-renewal of membership. This is to enable us to contact you and enquire if you would like to re-join the Society.

  1. 1.What will we do with your personal information after this retention period.

Your personal information will be deleted from any records held by the Society and its Officers.

You have the right to request for your information to be removed from the Society’s records, or amended, at any time.

  1. 1.What further provisions apply to the use of personal information provided by Officers of the Society?

To enable communication between members and the Society’s Officers, the personal details of the Society’s Officers will be printed in the annual Year Book. This includes, their position with the Society and their Name, Address, Telephone number and Email address.

  1. 1.What special provisions apply to Officers of groups affiliated to the Society?

This includes, but is not limited to, Manchester Drive Allotment Society, Leigh- on- Sea Allotments and Leisure Gardeners Association and Leigh Floral Arrangement Group

To enable communication with groups affiliated to the Society, the personal details of the Chairman and Secretary of affiliated Societies including their name, address and telephone number, will be collected and published in the Society’s Annual Year Book.

If you would like further information or have any concerns in the way your personal information is handled, please contact the Secretary of the Society, details in your Year Book.